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Mill City Coffee Roasters — Java Tree and Café Dujour

Mill City Coffee Roasters is a New Hampshire-based, craft roaster of specialty coffees. Think Design produces marketing materials and signage for the company’s two brands, Java Tree and Café DuJour. Each brand stands alone: Java Tree is marketed to upscale restaurants and cafés; Café Dujour is sold to grocery stores, mid-scale restaurants and self-serve market coffee stations. Think Design partners with Mill City to produce dynamic marketing materials, packaging and signage that integrate the brands while establishing different visual identities. Each brand’s visual identity has evolved over time, staying current and appealing to their target audiences.

Scope: visual identity, brand integration, packaging, labels, point of sale graphics and signage, retail promotional items


promotional decal and label

cold brew labels

identity and point of sale poster

café dujour sign and label